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Hewlett Buys Homes is a local, family-owned investment group that specializes in buying and selling properties that primarily do not meet the common standard expected in retail sales. We buy homes in all types of situations, including foreclosures, inheritances, tax defaults, homes in disrepair, and more. We pride ourselves in the ability to transact quickly and painlessly, create favorable outcomes for all parties involved, while solving unique challenges for distressed homeowners.

If you would like a no-committment consultation, please contact us at (718) 865-3589 today.

We buy single and multifamily properties in
Bronx County NY
Westchester County NY
Bergen County NJ
Essex County NJ
Passaic County NJ
Philadelphia County PA
Montgomery County PA
Fairfield County CT
New Haven County CT


Hewlett Buys Homes is a family-owned real estate group that specializes in buying and selling ugly, beat-up properties. We buy homes in any condition, from sellers in all types of situations, including:

  • Foreclosures

  • Probate/Inherited Homes

  • Tax Defaults

  • Vacant or Abandoned Homes

  • Job Relocation

  • Downsizing/Upgrading

  • Unwanted Rental Properties

  • Homes in Bad Shape

We pride ourselves in the ability to focus on solving the unique challenges facing a homeowner in distress, the ability to transact quickly & painlessly, and create win-win outcomes for everyone we work with.

We will walk with you and help you arrive at your best solution.

We will walk with you and help you arrive at your best solution.


Step 1: Contact Us

Simply call or text HBH at 718-865-3589, or complete the online form below. All of the information you provide will be held in confidence. Please feel free to contact us at anytime, 24 hours a day.

Step 2: Gather Information

During our first conversation, we will need to ask basic questions about your property. We will gather the facts and focus on getting the information we need to create an offer that works for you.

Step 3: Cash Offer and Agreement

We will schedule an appointment with you to see the property. If the property fits our criteria, we will be prepared to make you an offer on the spot. You are not obligated to accept our offer. If you accept, we will keep things simple and handle all the paperwork.

Step 4: Close on the Property

You choose your closing date, you choose your move out date, and you decide whether you want to receive a check or wire transfer. It's that easy!

If you would live to receive a free, no-obligation offer on your property, or would like some more information about our service, please complete the form below and we will reach out to you within 24 hours. Thank you!

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Our offer is free and you have no obligation to work with us or pay us for our time spent.

Our offer is free and you have no obligation to work with us or pay us for our time spent.


In order to understand what a fair offer is, you must understand the common expenses of a real estate transaction. There may be a difference between the price you are offered and what you "take home." In a conventional real estate transaction, if you are selling your home and are offered $200,000.00 for your house, you can be sure that what you net is considerably less.

When we make you an offer it is a NET offer. This way you know what you are taking home from the closing table, once the transaction is complete.


When you list your property with a real estate agent, 6% of the sales price is paid to the buying and selling agents. If you were to sell your home for $200,000, that is a $12,000 commission that is paid out at the time of closing.

Our transactions do not include real estate agents, so you DO NOT have to worry about paying realtor fees.


When we buy your property, you pay no closing costs in order for us to complete the agreement. This can be anywhere from 3-4%. So in the example of $200,000 purchase price, this translates to another $6,000-8,000.

Our net offers INCLUDE paying for all of your closing costs, so that you don’t have to.


In a typical transaction, a home inspector is contracted by your buyer to pick apart the property with a fine tooth comb in attempt to beat you up with repairs that the buyer will ask you to make. This can easily add between $20,000 to $40,000 to the cost of your side of the transaction.

Our offer to you is to purchase your property in "as-is" condition, which means you aren’t responsible for any repairs.


Since our company is not financed by conventional means, we are able to fully control the transaction. Since it is our company culture to put your needs first, we will close on your timeline. If your situation requires a fast close, we can get it done in as little as 7 days. We will personalize the transaction to fit your needs, so if the situation calls for the house to be available to you for additional time, we can accommodate for that as well.