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Our blog is a full service knowledge base from the perspective of our expertise. Whether you own property or rent, need to sell or are looking to buy, or just generally interested in Real Estate, there is something here for you.

I Want To Buy A Fixer-Upper

I want to buy a property that I can add value to, while helping a homeowner out of a sticky situation. Refer a property and I will pay you a finder’s fee. Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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Serial Problem Solvers

Hewlett Buys Homes specializes in purchasing properties in as-is condition. We are serial problem solvers. Our benefit to a homeowner who needs to sell their property is that they can sell very quickly, without having to waste time and money fixing up the property, and without having to pay fees or commissions.

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Fix My House or Sell As-Is?

Great question. The answer is entirely a matter of personal preference. It very much depends on a seller’s unique situation, financially and emotionally. Some sellers have the money and time to wait 6-8 months. Some sellers need a quick, convenient, and easy way out.

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How To Choose The Right Agent

Hewlett Buys Homes is a private real estate group operated by professionals. We specialize in buying properties in AS-IS condition, meaning you can sell your house quickly without having to spend a bunch of money fixing it up to lit your property. However, we understand and acknowledge the need for realtors. Make sure you choose the right one.

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What’s Your Exit Strategy?

You make your money when you buy. I expect that this might sound backward to some readers, and rightly so. You might think to yourself, “how the hell does me spending money = me making money?” Let me explain.

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Live Call With A Seller

The following video includes an audio recording of a conversation between a potential seller from Philadelphia and myself, along with some of my “mental notes” and techniques during the call. This is the second conversation that I have with this individual, who is a lead which came from one of my online marketing channels.

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21 Questions With Juan & Melo

In this recording we deep-dive a newlywed couple’s experience when purchasing their first property, here in New York City. We discuss some surface level knowledge such as what you need to bring to the table when beginning your home-buying journey, as well as some unfortunate events that unfolded when everything seemed to be going smoothly.

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Agents & Investors Are Not The Same

The differences between a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Investor can be difficult to distinguish. After all, they both work professionally in buying and selling real estate. The differences, however, will be fundamental to understand how the professional can assist you, wherever you are in your real estate journey.

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About Us

#HewlettBuysHomes is a family-owned real estate group that specializes in purchasing properties in any condition, from sellers in any situation. We especially love ugly, beat-up houses. We buy houses in all types of situations, with speed and convenience.

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