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About Us


About Us

By Hewlett Santos. 2 minute read.

Hewlett Buys Homes is a family-owned real estate group that specializes in purchasing properties in any condition, from sellers in any situation.

We offer speed and convenience in the sale of your problematic property. We especially love buying ugly, beat-up houses. We buy homes in all types of situations, including foreclosures, inheritances, tax defaults, homes in disrepair, and more. Our aim is to help homeowners who under their current circumstances, feel like they really have no way out.

Our best client is a homeowner who:

  • Has a problem property that they need help solving.

  • Does not want to list their property because they cannot wait 6-8 months for a conventional sale.

  • Can not list their property on the MLS because it requires lots of work to get it in competitive shape.

  • Just inherited a property that they do not wish to maintain and wants to sell quickly.

We want to buy your beat-up house β€” even if it looks like this!

We want to buy your beat-up house β€” even if it looks like this!

We are in the business of providing value to people who find themselves in situations where conventional methods do not work.

We work with all types of sellers and can provide speed, convenience and privacy in the sale. If you would like more information about our service, or would like to speak about selling your home, feel free to complete our questionnaire below, email us or call us at 718-865-3589 today.

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