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Live Call With A Seller


Live Call With A Seller

By Hewlett Santos. 1 minute read.

This call is for training purposes only.

The following video includes an audio recording of a conversation between a potential seller from Philadelphia and I, along with some of “mental notes” and techniques used during the call. This is the second conversation that I have with this individual, a lead that came from one of my online marketing channels. In the initial conversation, I asked him questions to prequalify him as a potential lead.

In the first convo, we spoke about:

The current condition of the property, including any necessary repairs.
The seller’s ideal timeline to close on the sale of this property.
The reason why this seller is interested in selling this property to begin with.
The ideal price that the client needs for his property.

In this convo, we went much deeper.

In the initial talk, the seller told me that the property needed some repairs, that he needed to sell because he’s moving to another house, and he needed to close within 30-60 days, I decided to follow up with him the next day after consulting with some colleagues.

You can check out the call below.