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This section will contain major keys to facilitating the sale of your home.

This section will contain major keys to facilitating the sale of your home.

We’ve compiled some resources on this page to provide you with maximum information to empower you to sell your house fast.

We work with home owners every day who need to sell their house but can’t do it traditionally through a realtor. We are glad to answer your questions, to help you better understand your options, and walk you through how our service works.

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Probably the most popular free online listing site. Their “Zestimate” system is an easy way to get a ballpark range of your home’s value on the market. Their website is a great place to see what types of expectations homeowners have when selling, including what type of repairs or updates their home will need when competing with other properties on the market.


Another very popular free online listing site. Like Zillow, Trulia also has a directory of real estate agent reviews that can be helpful when selecting a professional to represent you during the sales process. Trulia also offers a Rent section which can be useful for a homeowner who may want to try their hand at being a landlord.


Another very popular free online listing site. Real estate professionals tend to use multiple online sources to compile a general average of what a property will sell for, then price their property slightly below this number in order to get a quick and convenient sale. Redfin will also act as a marketplace to sell your home, and only charges 1% of the final sale price for doing so.


A free site for estimating market rents. Very useful for homeowners who may want to become landlords, as well as for people who are selling their home and plan on renting in a new city. It also provides insight into what a market is currently renting for.

Local and National Real Estate News Websites

Please check back as this page is updated frequently with the latest information that affects homeowners locally and nationally. If you have any informational requests, please contact us. Thank you.